Press Release

January 2008

Hugo Markl

January 26 until March 1, 2008 Opening: Friday, January 25, 6 – 8 pm

Galerie Eva Presenhuber is pleased to present the solo exhibition, ‘LINK’, by artist Hugo Markl. Born in 1964 in Pasadena, California, Markl now lives and works in New York. His last exhibition at Galerie Eva Presenhuber was in 2006.

Hugo Markl sometimes draws constructive inspiration for his creative work from failed traditions and the ideal conception of communication with its deep roots in soap opera. Markl is a conceptual working artist. According to the artist, the catalyst for the creation of the new work group, ‘LINK’ – a series of medium format sculptures, manufactured of aluminium and lacquered "link blue" – was "probably a colossal lack of perception and cross-references; and finding my own point of view on this material was actually very appealing to me. Yet in the process, I didn't devote myself to establishing cross- references. I make sculptures."

Hugo Markl describes the concept of LINK as follows: "As I've said, I did without any cross-references as to the ‘LINK’ sculptures. You could say that I've copied folk art that won't become folk art." As a sculpture, the arbitrary link copies a sociological high in form and content, with a folk art character. The communicative passion without social structure, and its decomposition through its publication. A strength of these works is their absolute impartiality.

The exhibition at Galerie Eva Presenhuber consists of 12 individual ‘LINK’ sculptures, each a unique piece presented in an installation. Each work shows a genuine link belonging to an existing pornographic website.

The exhibition is supplemented by the house of cards, ‘Sodbrennen’ (heartburn), a further unique sculptural work by Hugo Markl. This sculpture consists of six large format poker cards fabricated of aluminium and painted with an American military combat camouflage pattern. The poker symbols – clubs, hearts, spades, diamonds – have been achieved by means of water jet cuts in the aluminium base material. The six individual cards are arranged into a house of cards. Aside from associations with the social card game with both its clearly defined rules, a house of cards is for the most part to be associated with the harmless, playful, contemplative, idle banter enjoyed by the parties. Through its camouflage surface this particular work takes on a dangerously charged ambivalence.

An interview with Hugo Markl about his new works is available on our website at

For further information, please contact Anna Caruso and Gregor Staiger at Galerie Eva Presenhuber.

Opening times: Tuesday – Friday 12 noon – 6 pm Saturday 11 am – 5 pm

Further solo exhibitions by Hugo Markl 2008:
Galleria Raucci / Santamaria, Naples, Italy, ‘MAMATSCHI’, until January 31.

Next exhibitions at the gallery: Angela Bulloch and Franz West.
Openings: Friday, March 14, 2008. Exhibition dates: March 15 until Mai 10, 2008. 


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