Galerie Eva Presenhuber is pleased to present, for the first time, works of young Austrian artist Siggi Hofer.

Siggi Hofer adapts the technique of his works to their respective themes. To date, his work has included watercolours, sculptures, installations, performative works and videos, all dealing with social and political issues in model form. A first look at his objects often shows them in an idyllic light. Closer examination, however, disproves this effect, as individual needs are confronted with a superior structure that subjects them to a mental test of reality.

The show in Zurich features a complex city model centred on two huge cityscape drawings, their model quality highlighted by the fact that they are peopled by figures in a different, larger scale. On the floor is a three-dimensional, built-up model city, divided in two by a wall. In the areas between the buildings, there are large hammers lying around, as if they had fallen from the sky. Like the figures in the drawings, they refer to a next higher level, thus posing the question of size relationships and the measure of reality.

The city model is a means for Hofer to question the quality of human system-planning, creating a screen on which to project political and social information and stories. In addition, the title of the show refers to the element of chance contained in options available for choice, whose number increases in proportion to the size of a system, possibly causing excessive pressure to individuals