Galerie Eva Presenhuber is delighted to participate in Parley for the Oceans x Vortic with a virtual exhibition featuring Jean-Marie Appriou, Shara Hughes, and Tobias Pils, visible until November 2. Parley for the Oceans, a new form of environmental organization, and Vortic, the leading XR platform for the art world, have partnered with several contemporary galleries to help raise funds to support Parley’s ocean protection initiatives.

The creative community, every community, must help enact change, and I thank Parley and Vortic for bringing us galleries together to support Parley’s Global Cleanup Network. The network operates in over 30 countries and is currently facing an increase in single-use plastic found in oceans, a consequence of Covid-19 that some of us may not be aware of but is a great threat to sea life and human health. – Eva Presenhuber

To view our exhibition, please download Vortic Collect here. Once you have entered the app, tap Collectives to see a list of all participating galleries. Our sales team is reachable here.