In his exhibition entitled “Mastering the Complaint”, Swiss artist Urs Fischer ties into previous works that he has now combined and reinterpreted. As a result, motifs from his drawings crop up in the sculptured works and, in the same vein, details from his sculptures are present in the paintings.

Urs Fischer works in various elements and contexts. Both the ideas and the materials for his drawings, paintings and sculptures originate from his immediate surroundings or from the do-it-yourself center around the corner – wood, styrofoam, silicon, just as well as food items, plastic falls, colors and pastes of all kinds. Representations of heads and other parts of the human body as well as of animals play an important role. Through their everyday nature, hybridity and apparent incompleteness, Fischer’s works are utterly accessible but simultaneously prove difficult to grasp. Frequently, the works change in appearance during the course of an exhibition – be it that candle wax brings a sculpture truly to light after several weeks, or fruits change form, or materials become discolored. The often biting humor lends his art a generous portion of lightness.