Opening on Saturday, July 22, 7 pm

Galerie Eva Presenhuber is pleased to announce the upcoming exhibition Wyatt Kahn, the artist's first solo show at the gallery’s Antiparos space in Greece. For this exhibition, Kahn will present six works focusing on a single composition.

Using an abstract design originally drawn in 2011, Kahn has iterated this early pencil sketch into five new works, all made this year: two paintings, two photographs, and a large-scale drawing on Mylar.

The two paintings, both the same dimensions, are made variously by stretching linen cloth or wrapping lead sheeting over a series of connected panels cut in the irregular geometric shapes specified by the original drawing. The two photographs, one color, one black-and-white, take as their subject the linen version of this 2017 object painting, an image that is partially veiled by two distinct graphic treatments. For the C-print, Kahn has hand-drawn a graphic pattern in ink on the printed surface of the photograph—a pattern of lines radiating from a central point, as though the painting were giving off visible energy. For the gelatin silver print, Kahn photographed the linen object painting through a clear lens filter with the same pattern drawn on it with black ink; in this version, it appears as a sort of blurry coruscation. In the large-format drawing that revisits the small 2011 sketch, Kahn tried to repeat his original composition from memory and then used correction fluid to amend the graphite drawing after consulting with the initial depiction, resulting in still-visible ghost images of the lines that underlie his final rendering of the abstract form. 

With this body of work, Kahn continues to mine the strategy of remaking previous works and revisiting earlier subjects; like a glossary, these repeated forms provide a scaffolding on which Kahn explores the poetry of formal variation and innovation, the play of light and dark, of weight and immateriality.

For more information, please contact Christian Schmidt at the gallery.

Wyatt Kahn_EN (66.3 kB)