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Shara Hughes - Right This Way, 2023 - Publications - Galerie Eva Presenhuber


publication Shara Hughes
publication Shara Hughes
publication Shara Hughes
publication Shara Hughes

Kunsten Museum of Modern Art Aalborg

Claire Gould, Lasse Andersson, Pilar Corrias, Mathias Ussing Seeberg, Alyce Mahon, Daniel Birnbaum

21.4 x 28.5 cm / 8.4 x 11.2 in
168 pages

English, Danish


Hughes’ works are at once surreal and abstract, inviting and alarming, beautiful and scary. Their bold, clashing colours and shifting perspectives manifest into immersive and dream-like landscapes. Hughes’ “invented landscapes,” as she calls them, neither depict true-to-life landscapes nor the imagined. Though profoundly personal, her fantastical worlds are also open-ended, inviting us in as portals to our own experiences and psychological discovery.  
The exhibition will consist mainly of new works, including works on paper, as well as large-scale paintings inspired by the Nordic landscape and light. After a short residency in Skagen, Hughes also became drawn to the horizon line, where the sea touches the sky, and how it changes constantly throughout the day. She said, “(I do think)…there’s always something to learn about the passing of time and what that does to anything living, whether it’s mentally or physically.”

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